5 problems you will experience hiring a cleaning service for your business

5 problems you will experience hiring a cleaning service for your business

The more you are aware of the some of the problems, the better informed and prepared you will be when looking for a cleaning service. These 5 problems should be front of mind when considering a cleaning company for your business.


One of the most common problems in the cleaning industry is lack of adequate training for employees. This will most certainly translate into problems for you and your business.

Without trained cleaning staff who work to a systematic cleaning system you will not have a consistent, effective cleaning service.

Commercial cleaning is a very specialised area and depending on the type of business adequate training that is relevant to the business is essential.

All cleaning staff must have an understanding of products, what they do and how to use them. Cross contamination when moving through your business needs to be managed to ensure your property and employees are safe.

Unless you ask the right questions about staff training you may as well clean the business yourself. Remember, it is not enough that they say they do training without the proof. You need to know what qualifications cleaning staff hold to enter your business and clean your property to an acceptable standard. It also needs to be consistent and recorded. Some of the areas that need specialised training, could include:

  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen / Lunchroom Cleaning
  • Interior Office Cleaning
  • Blood Borne Pathogen training
  • Cross Contamination
  • Occupational Health & Safety and other Safety training

The list of potential training available for employees working as cleaners helps you understand the potential problems if they are not adequately trained and supervised.

If the employees of your cleaning company arrive in suitable uniforms and work to a systemised cleaning system you can avoid this number 1 problem.


High turnover of staff in any cleaning company is not just their problem, it is also yours. We have already touched on the problems associated with inadequate training and the investment from any cleaning company to keep their staff skilled.

High turnover has a significant impact for a number of reasons, including:

  • rotating in and out of cleaning staff can lead to poor quality work
  • affects the relationship between yourself, the cleaners and the company
  • can mean damaged equipment and waste
  • can be a threat to security
  • the value you get from an experienced team familiar with your business is reduced
  • the costs to the cleaning company are increased, which could be passed onto you, the customer.

High turnover of staff is usually directly linked to the management of the cleaning company. How they train and pay their staff can have an impact. Ineffective management can often make employees feel they want to leave.

Turnover of staff in lower paid jobs is not unusual but there are companies that value their employees, train them and work with them.

You need to avoid the problems of high staff turnover and engage a company who is engaged with their employees and value their contribution.


We all know the problems poor communication can cause in life. It is definitely a problem that can cause strained relationships if the communication between yourself and your cleaning service is not effective.

It is impossible for a cleaning service to deliver a satisfactory service if the channels of communication between customer, cleaning staff and cleaning service are not open and effective.

We all know that sometimes mistakes do happen and that regular feedback between all parties is crucial to keep the service effective and relationship strong.

Problems will arise and tensions increase if communication response time is poor. There needs to be a process in place that everyone works within. All parties need to agree to certain terms around communication style and timing.

A good cleaning service will incorporate a communication plan so that it is clear to everyone how to avoid problems with communication.

You need to lock your business up at night with the safe knowledge that your cleaning team understand the rules on communication if needed. This one simple guideline will avoid many problems, big and small.


We have just touched on communication and the problems that can arise if there is no process to communicate in place.

When it comes to the cleaning process in your business systems and processes are critical. Problems will arise if a regular cleaning employee is off sick and doesn’t understand the scope of the work or how to communicate between all parties if needed.

Most cleaning companies want to deliver an effective service, but not all cleaning companies put the time and money into systems and processes. When there is not accountability how can the service and the cleaning staff stay on track and fulfil the scope of the job? Quite simply, they can’t.

Any cleaner should be able to walk into a business knowing that the systems and processes are place to know what to do, how to do it and how to record it for quality assurance purposes.

Problems will be a daily occurrence if your cleaning services does not demonstrate the ability to implement, record and check what is happening on your property when their cleaning staff are on site.


Life today is all about ticking the box. It is a big unticked box if there are no quality assurance tools in place for your cleaning service.

You are paying for a scope of service. How do you know that service is being delivered if there is no record. It may only become obvious when something major happens – like an outbreak of an illness in the workplace or the business is not looking clean.

Quality assurance is an investment into your business for the cleaning service.

Accountability is the big ticket item with quality assurance systems. Regular inspections connect you with your cleaning company. It is even possible these days to have instantaneous information through the use of technology.

If your cleaning company does not have an effective quality assurance system in place and operational you have a problem. There is no accountability or effective practice in place.

It is easy to ask up front what the cleaning company’s policy is when it comes to quality assurance. A reputable cleaning company will not have to think about the answer