How much does a commercial/industrial cleaner cost

There is no simple answer to this question – How much does a commercial / industrial cleaner cost your business? It is simple calculation but it is complex due to the number of elements that can impact the cost.

The cleaning business in Australia accounts for billions of dollars revenue. This also means that it is a busy space for cleaning companies and they are not all the same.

You need to do your research and speak to other business owners who use cleaning services to help you make a decision when it comes time to choose.

“Commercial or industrial cleaning is a term used by cleaning companies who clean a wide range of business premises. They are usually contracted by individuals, businesses or corporations to complete specific cleaning tasks a number of times per day, week or month.”

This explanation explains the complexity underneath the simplicity of cleaning your business. All reputable companies have a formula they use to provide equity to both parties.

A reputable company will pay their trained employees according to the award or above. When engaging a commercial or industrial cleaning company it is important that they engage trained cleaners who specialise in your industry.

The cost to clean your business is a simple calculation on the surface but requires an accurate scope of the site to be cleaned to calculate the number of hours required, the products, the staff and how often the premises are cleaned. Some companies will charge on a per metre square cleaned.

Calculating a cost to clean your premises is dependant on many factors, including:

  • Size of the area
  • Types of areas, eg Bathrooms, Kitchens,
  • Type of cleaning to be done, eg dusting, mopping, polishing, industrial, computers, phones
  • Number of staff required
  • Types of Cleaning Products
  • Consumables included
  • Number of times cleaned per week, per month

When a company calculates the overall cost to clean your business these many factors need to be considered to come up with the cost to clean your business. It is important when comparing companies and the cost to clean that you review all elements of the calculation or quotation to ensure you are comparing apples to apples.

To make it simple, a reputable cleaning company will spend time going through your business to determine the scope of work which will include cleaning products needed to do the job. They will then calculate the hours needed to complete the work to a high standard multiplied by the hourly rate, the number of cleaners needed and the number of times cleaned per day, week or month.

Making a decision on the bottom line price alone could mean you make the wrong decision. You need to understand the level of service you will be receiving. Key questions, include:

  • Do you have experience cleaning my type of business?
  • Do you have ongoing training for your staff? Can you provide proof?
  • What systems and processes will you implement for my cleaning schedule?
  • Do you have quality control systems?
  • What is the communication strategy?
  • Do you do background checks on your staff?
  • Have all the necessary permits and insurance in place?

Any reputable commercial or industrial cleaner will be able to easily answer these questions.

Once you have the quotation with the dollar value, add it to answers on the level of service and the references you have sourced. Those three elements should give you the confidence to make the right decision about who to choose. It may not be the least expensive quote.

The cleaning industry can be subject to unscrupulous behaviour due to some companies using unskilled, untrained staff and not paying them an adequate wage. They are sometimes not covered by the right insurance. This type of behaviour puts your company and your staff at risk.

By asking the right questions you will get the cleaning company that fits your business and provides a superb service over a long period of time.